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Kristine Mirelle Trujillo started "Lil Kristi's" Mexican food products in the winter of 2010. Her goal was to create high quality delicious Mexican Foods. Although the brand was new, her and her family were very familiar with the Mexican food business.

Kristine's great grandmother and grandfather started "El Charro Mexican Foods" in a small garage in 1949 in Roswell NM. Kristine's father, Michael Trujillo, took over the Mexican food factory in 1993. Kristine and her brother and sister worked in the familiy business since they were children and into their adult-hood packaging tortillas, labeling tortilla chip bags, and helping customers in their store. 

In 2003 Kristine's father was called to the war in Iraq. Just 3 months before he left, a devastating fire destroyed the family tortilla factory. The family and loyal customers in the  community of Roswell NM came together to help clean up the ashes and restore what they could. As Michael served in Iraq, Kristine's mother and family worked to rebuild El Charro until Michael returned in 2005. 

Michael always encouraged his daughter to start her own brand so in 2010, Kristine decided she would create delicious Mexican food products focused on healthier options.  She created Lil Krist's tortilla chips and salsas and started going store to store talking to managers to try and introduce her products onto their shelves. Kristine had her hand in the entire business from creating the actual design of the packaging, to delivering and distributing the product in her small jeep. Since then her company's products can now be found in more than 100 stores around New Mexico including Whole Foods and Sprouts grocery stores. 

Kristine Mirelle "Lil Kristi" currently lives in LA and is a professional singer/pianist who performs regularly in Hollywood and surrounding LA areas. To learn more about her and her music visit

*El Charro products can now found in more than 700 stores around New Mexico and Texas. They also manufacture all of the ALLSUP's brand hot sauces, salsas, tortilla chips, and tortillas. 

Family History

Offering high quality Mexican foods since 1949

Kristine's father and brothers and sisters posing in front of the company delivery van

Kristine's great grandfather working in the early stages of El Charro Mexican Food factory

Kristine's little brother, Michael Jr, helping to turn the corn masa 

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