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Tortilla Chips

To make tortilla chips, many brands use "Maseca"--a refined corn flour. Using Maseca makes it cheap and easy to make tortilla chips and sacrafices taste. Lil Kristi's Tortilla Chips are made with 100% pure corn. We don't skip any steps or cut any corners and that's why our chips simply taste better. First our corn is cooked and then ground into masa with lava rocks. It's then fired up in our ovens and cooked to perfection. We then lightly fry it and season by hand! The difference is obvious... with no preservatives, our gluten-free recipe will make you crave for more. See why Lil Kristi's is the top-selling local product in your grocery food isle.* 

*Top selling local food product in Sprouts Grocery Stores in Albuquerque NM


Lil Kristi's salsas are made with pure artesian water and New Mexican chiles.  It's chunky enough to be a hearty dip for your Lil Kristi's Tortilla chips, and smooth enough to top your eggs, tacos, or other foods in need of a shot of serious flavor! In Mild and Hot flavors, Lil Kristi's salsa pairs perfectly with your favorite food dishes.

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